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  Sensitive Adhesive Tape
  Sensitive Adhesive Tape

Product Name

VALFLON Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Tape

For wire, cable and coil insulation, electrical furnaces cable, chemical processing equipment cable,

plastic stripper plate,food industry conveyor belt, feeder, funnel.






Features and Applications


華爾卡品編號 名稱 特性及用途
7910 VALFLON pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

○Ideal for heat sealers and separation boards requiring non-adhesive and low friction properties.

○Also recommendable for H class electric insulation because of the silicone adhesive agent on one side.

7910-S VALFLON pressure sensitive adhesive tape (High Strength)

○High strength tape.

○Smooth surface.

○Fits to wrap a roll.

7925 VALFLON pressure sensitive adhesive glass fabric tape

○Extensively used for heat sealers

○High wear resistance

○Excellent mechanical properties

○High compressive strength