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華爾卡國際 - 以優越品質、先進技術來為環境的永續發展作出更多貢獻


Message to Stakeholders Worldwide -- From Toshikazu Takisawa (CEO and President)

When products are connected, both new power and new value are generated. Seal engineering is

atechnology  for connecting products  and preventing leaks that maximizes this effect.


As a pioneer in seal engineering, VALQUA has contributed to the improvement of people's life

and the development of industries.

We have been developing and proposing products needed for the times and technologies required

for the future. The synergy of "traditional technologies" and "efforts for advanced technologies"

has been our strength for winning customers' trust and appreciation of VALQUA in both the field

of equipment components and of manufacturing device components.

This is evidenced by the fact that VALQUA's products are used in spacecraft, semiconductor

production equipment, and power plants that require highest-level technologies. 

In the meantime, VALQUA was an early mover in the direction of "manufacturing with respect

to the Earth and people" which now is required of all manufacturing industries in the modern era.

We contribute to the preservation of global environment by offering environmentally-responsive

products to the market.

We understand it is VALQUA's mission to create new value, propose possiblities, and realize

dreams by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

VALQUA's Seal Engineering has found applications in diverse areas far beyond the initial

expectations of manufacturing company in this field. With the pride in and responsibility for

being a "life supporter and industrial partner," VALQUA continues to make mighty steps to

meet our stakeholders' expectations.