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Taiwan Valqua Engineering International,Ltd.


Office:8F-3, 366 Bo'ai 2nd Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung

Our corporate name VALQUA is a compound of "Value" and "Quality."

Our goal is to create value and improve product and service quality. Having VALQUA stand for our corporate,

as well as product brand name, means our continuing efforts go toward providing the most reliable and standard

-setting products the industry has to offer.

Taiwan Valqua was financed by VALQUA, LTD, approved by the Investment Commission of Taiwan's

Ministry of Economic Affairs, and founded in March 2000.

Our main business includes devoted  manufacturing , processing, and sale of PTFE lined tanks, spiral wound gaskets(SWG);

the sale of sealing parts of  semi-conductor and LCD industry, fluorocarbon products,and other  industrial sealing products. 

With technical assistance and consultation from VALQUA, LTD., effective quality and environment

management systems are applied to all production activities and services conducted by Taiwan Valqua.

All those efforts made are to ensure we meet the requirements of ISO9001 quality control system certification and ISO14001

environment management system certification.

Capital:11 million NT Dollars.

Total Area/m2:8,291 m2

Manufacturing Building/m2:3,966 m2

Corporate Historical Highlights

Taiwan Valqua Engineering International, Ltd.

March           2000: Corporation founded and began importing products from VALQUA, LTD

January       2003: Business of manufacture and sale of PTFELiningTank and its related products were transferred to

                             Taiwan Valqua  Engineering International, Ltd.

July             2003: Acquired ISO9002:2000 approval (quality control management) from the Bureau of Standards, MOEA.

April           2006: Acquired ISO9001 (quality control management) and  of ISO14001:2004 (environmental management)


January       2007: All  manufacture and sale business operated under Taiwan  Valqua Industries, Ltd  administration were

                              transferred to  Taiwan Valqua Engineering International, Ltd.


Taiwan Valqua Industries, Ltd.

July            1969: Taiwan Valqua Industries, Ltd. was established in Luzhu Township, Kaohsiung, committed to

                             manufacturing and selling multiple types of industrial gaskets and sealing products.

June           1970: Started production of Compressed Asbestos Sheets and piping tape seal.

June           1974: Started production of O-ring products.

March        1977: Started producing  metal and semi-metal spiral wound  gaskets.

March        1983: Acquired CNS (Chinese National Standards) mark 3518, 3519, and 4690 for Compressed Asbestos Sheet.

February    1990: Started production of Toughrethane U-Packing.

February    1992: Started production of Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet products.

May           1997: Started production PTFE lining tanks and related products.

September 1997: Acquired ISO9002 certification from Bureau of Standards, MOEA.

January      2003: Manufacture and sale of PTFE lining tanks and related products were transferred to Taiwan Valqua

                             Engineering International, Ltd.

July           2003: Acquired ISO9002:2000 certification (quality control management) from Bureau of Standards, MOEA.

December 2005: Production of Asbestos Sheet was halted.

January     2007: All manufacturing and  sales business of   metal and semi-metal spiral wound gasket(SWG) wastransferred

                            to Taiwan Valqua Engineering International, Ltd.